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A Choir for All

The Voices of New Orleans Choir was formed in February 2015 to give singers in New Orleans a new outlet to express their passion. We are a large community choir featuring professional singers as well as beginners. We believe that music is for everyone, whether you have been singing all your life or want to learn how to improve your skills, you will find a home with us.  For more information about joining our choir, click here

Discover your voice

All Voices of New Orleans choir members are welcomed to our weekly pre-rehearsal music theory and diction classes, which are free to all members. Here you will learn posture, solfegg, and French, Italian, and German diction. The Voices of New Orleans Choir performs concerts throughout the year, and often performs with the full Symphony Of New Orleans at large concerts. Together we perform everything from full Requiems, Symphonies, Opera, Musicals, and movie and video game soundtracks. To support our programs, click here

We are the Voices of New Orleans

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