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At SONO, we're all about creating incredible music experiences for our audiences and musicians. If you think that's pretty great, then we've got a fantastic opportunity for you: sponsoring an instrument! While our musicians are mostly volunteers, we believe in providing stability and top-notch musical leadership by offering a stipend to our principal musicians. This support ensures that our ensemble thrives and our volunteers get the excellent guidance they deserve. By sponsoring your favorite instrument or section this season, you'll be directly contributing to the quality of our music programs.

As a chair sponsor, you will also:

  • Be listed in our program along with the instrument you’re sponsoring

  • Have an open invite to all Dress Rehearsals

  • Receive a handwritten thank you note and signed programs from the Music Director and the Musician you sponsor personally

Make a tax-deductible donation today and sponsor your favorite instrument 
or section this season. Together, we can make the music soar to new heights!

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