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J.  Calloway Cieslak
Music & Artistic Director, SONO
Co-Choirmaster, VONO

Joseph "Calloway" Cieslak is the Co-Director and Co-Founder of the Symphony of New Orleans, as well as the Events Coordinator for the Loyola School of Music & Theatre Professions... read more

Sofia Riggio Headshot - Sofia Riggio.png
Sofia Riggio
Co-Director, SONO
Choirmaster, VONO
Candace Crawford
Music Librarian, SONO
Music Librarian, VONO
Kelby Sappington
Personnel Manager, SONO
Stephen Foulkes
Head of Development and Fundraising, SONO
Journey Schaubhut
Head of Operations, SONO
Debbie Levine
Treasurer, SONO
Anna Wildes
Social Media Manager, SONO
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