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Hilarious Coughing during and Orchestra Concert?

There are orchestras all around the world, and each country typically has their own rules and traditions as far as etiquette during a symphonic orchestra concert. Making noise during a concert while the musicians are playing is frowned upon virtually everywhere, but some countries take it very much more seriously. Here in America, making noise during a concert is slighlty more tolerated than in other places. Here, you will probably only receive a stern looking at. In countries such as South Korea and Japan, if you made any type of noise at all during a concert at you will receive at best a harsh tap on the shoulder and at worst getting kicked out of the concert hall.

Below features the Seoul Philharmonic Orchestra at the Korean Art Center Concert Hall, under the director of conductor Chung Myung-Whun. They are playing the very popular Tchaikovsky 6th Symphony, which has 4 movements and lasts about 50 minutes.

Noise is not tolerated here, at all. Infact, audience members will wait until the orchestra has finished with each movement before they let our their nagging coughs and sneezes. The result is actually a hilarious wave of loud coughing and all of the noises that they have been holding in for the last 20 minute movement.

(watch from 20:20 - 21:00 - about 40 seconds)

I can't help but giggle every time I watch this video. Once the audience know the movement is over, they completely let it rip. Watch it for yourself. It happens between EACH of the 4 movements (20:20 - 21:00, 28:15 - 28:40, and 36:47 - 37:15)

The orchestra and conductor give an amazing performance, and this goes to prove how revered classical music is in certain parts of the world!

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